Pharmtrue - TrueEmu Roll-On 1800mg CBD 90 g

Emu oil has benefited mankind by relieving aches and pains for 1000's of years. Making it the perfect partner with 1800mg CBD. From common aches and pain to gym recovery, to after work relief look no further for TRUE pain relief with TrueEmu.


UNLEASH your inner EMU with our TrueEmu 1800mg CBD Roll-on. What does CBD roll on do? Emu oil has benefited mankind by relieving aches and pains and by helping wounds heal for thousands of years. It is also endorsed by the Arthritis foundation of Australia and the Australian Orthopaedic Association! Its high concentration of nonpolar monounsaturated fatty acids give emu oil the ability to easily penetrate the stratum corneum layer of our skin. Alongside 1800mg of high quality CBD our roll-on is specifically engineered for fast and effective absorption and delivery. Give your body the LOVE and recovery it DESERVES with our TrueEmu roll-on. 

Product info:

● Standard Bottle: 90 ml White Roll-On
● Standard Closure: White matching over-cap included with bottle
● THC Range: 0%
● Standard Potencies: 1800mg CBD
● Color: Light Green
● Appearance: Light Green Aloe Gel
● Consistency: Semi-Viscous Gel
● COA: QR Code Lab Testing
● Bottle Color: White
● Dimensions: 1-3/8” Dia. X 5-1/16 Hgt.
● Shelf Life: 1 year


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Emu Oil? 

Emu Oil is oil derived from tissue on certain species of Emu, a flightless bird indigenes to Australia. In the topical form its been known for it's pain relief effects. A perfect Robin to CBD's Batman in the battle to relieve pain. 

Where to apply CBD roll on?

We recommend applying directly on your skin where you feel discomfort or pain. 

How to use CBD roll on?

We recommend using the product in high stress situations where your body may feel discomfort like Pre, Post or during the gym or after a sporting event. Or even after a long hard day of work on your feet. 


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